Lena Stöffler

Hello! My name is Lena and I'm from Austria ─ land of the mountains, land by the river.

I'm a software developer, hobbyist graphic designer and UNIX enthusiast. I like listening to south east asian music, studying languages and simply enjoying life.

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User Experience

Operating SystemsLinux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD

Linux DistributionsArch Linux, openSUSE, CentOS

FreeBSD DistributionsVanilla FreeBSD, TrueOS, pacBSD

Virtualization Technologies & EmulationVMware Workstation Pro, Linux/KVM, Virtual Machine Manager, QEMU

OfficeLibreOffice Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw

Server ApplicationsCaddy, Node.js, Berkeley Packet Filter (Firewall)

Data ManagementNextcloud

SecuritySSH, SFTP, Let's Encrypt

Image Editing & Vector DrawingGIMP, Inkscape, KDE/Krita

Video Processingffmpeg, x264, x265

Input Method Frameworksfcitx


Programming languagesC++14/17, WebAssembly

Scripting languagesJavaScript, Bash

Markup languagesHTML, CSS, JSON, XML, Yaml, INI

FrameworksQt 5.9+ (C++)

IDEsQt Creator

ToolchainsLLVM/clang, emscripten (WebAssembly)

Version Control Systemsgit, GitLab, Gitea, GitHub


Application DevelopmentDesktop (Cross-Platform: Linux, BSD, macOS, Windows)

Languages / Writing Systems

German / Deutsch
Native language

American English
Written: CEFR C1, Speaking: CEFR B2

Japanese / 日本語
Reading and writing of all Kana and about 500 Kanji
Basic knowledge of the language

Extended Latin Letters
Knowledge of most extened latin letters used across different languages

Cyrillic Writing System / Кириллическая система письма
Reading and writing of all cyrillic letters used in the Russian and Bulgarian language

Hangul ─ Korean alphabet / 한글
Reading and writing of all letters
Basic knowledge of syllable blocks